Table Help


The maximum number of bins is 9.

Click the "Generate Bins" button in the table header.

Uniform Bins

Auto-generate unifom bins from a range and a step.

For example, Start: 0, End 3, Step : 1 will generate the following bins: 0-1, 1-2, 2-3.

Custom Bins

Alternately, enter custom bins.


The number of directions can be chosen by clicking the "Generate Directions" button at the top of the directions column.

  1. Select the number of directions.
  2. Click the "Generate directions" button at the bottom right of the popover panel to confirm, new data and a new table will be generated.

Data in rows with the same direction name will be preserved.

Choosing 36 directions is only possible when "Use cardinal directions" is unchecked.

The direction names can also be changed by editing them in the table.